Light Houses of Rhode Island THE guide and gallery for the lighthouses of Rhode Island

Plum Beach Light

Plum Beach Light is one of Rhode Island’s iconic lights.  Why?  Well, because it’s on one of Rhode Island’s specialty license plates!  I actually have them for both of our vehicles.  It’s not really a necessary light anymore even though it’s restored and working, because it sits very close to the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge which has all the necessary navigational aides.  The easiest place to shoot Plum Beach light from would be the bridge, but they don’t like cars stopping on the bridge (emergency only).  So You can either drive into the Plum Beach neighborhood and look for parking (check signs, it’s pretty restricted) or you can drive up to Seal Point and enjoy a nice nature walk out to the beach and then south to Plum Beach.  I prefer the second option even though it takes a lot longer, it’s more fun!

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